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“Nowhere else in the world sensuality, orality, happiness and inclusion exist in such a flaming sythesis. Brazilians live sensually with intense serenity. I see “orality” as the openess to express one’s feelings, it is to speak about them. As for inclusion I understand it as the willingness to welcome the other, by living together in harmony, sincretically, with all races in the world and Gods from heaven. Each of these things get even lighter thanks to the perennial welcoming attitude and natural happiness, expressed through the body, the musicality and the dance.” Domenico De Masi

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Rio de Janeiro per terra e per mare

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Amazon Arquipelago of Anavilhanas

1st day: Manaus Arrival in Manaus (indigenous name that means Mother of God) considered the main entrance to the largest ecological reserve on the planet:  the Amazon.  Reception at the airport and private transfer to the Hotel Tropical. 2nd day: Manaus Departure from the hotel to the Manaus port where we board a regional boat.  We will navigate [...]
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Santuari ecologici ed eccellenze architettoniche

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(Italiano) Sorpasso Brasile, costo della vita più alto che negli Usa
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Experience Travel Minas Gerais
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Brazilian architecture
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Viaggi di Architettura in Brasile a Pasqua con Cultour
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Our travellers' emotions

Rossella (Locorotondo)

“In Brazil life exists in its original form and nature, music and culture represent a unique paradigm in the world. The Cultour trip let us gather this singularity through a precious and unforgettable contact:  that which we had with your people. Rossella – Italy ”

Salvatore (Avellino)

“Hi Marco, I truly thank you…for everything…these are words that sprout with that sensation of melancholy that stays with me for hours. Rhythm, colors, sounds, places, remain in my mind.  To know Brazil for me is a necessary step…it is a place in which to lose oneself and sometimes to discover oneself…While I am writing… [...]”

Michela (Locorotondo)

“It’s Friday!!  I returned a week ago…I recount, describe, explain, show pictures, and beyond the amazement I have in front of me, I discover each day emotions inside me…did I really see, do, try all this?  All that? The images overlap and the memories lose their focus… only a week has passed, but it seems like [...]”