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“Nowhere else in the world sensuality, orality, happiness and inclusion exist in such a flaming sythesis. Brazilians live sensually with intense serenity. I see “orality” as the openess to express one’s feelings, it is to speak about them. As for inclusion I understand it as the willingness to welcome the other, by living together in harmony, sincretically, with all races in the world and Gods from heaven. Each of these things get even lighter thanks to the perennial welcoming attitude and natural happiness, expressed through the body, the musicality and the dance.” Domenico De Masi

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The old way of the gold of the Estrada Real

1st day – Italy/Belo Horizonte/Ouro Preto Arrival at the COFINS airport in Belo Horizonte, welcome and transfer to Ouro Preto.  Lodging at the Pousada Arcanjo.  Breifing with a presentation of the trips program.  Free day. 2nd day – Ouro Preto Breakfast.  Tour of the city with the theme “A Vila Rica,” during which we will follow the history [...]
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Bahia life - Reconcavo Experience - Slow travel

TRIP PROGRAM (Salvador, All Saints Bay, Iguape Bay, Cachoeira, Saint Antony Farm Hotel) 1st day – Sunday – Salvador Airport of Salvador Luis Eduardo Magalhães. Reception by our guide and transfer to Pestana Hotel Convento do Carmo, the first luxury historic hotel. The old convent of Carmelites, located in Ladeira do Carmo, Pelourinho, It was built in 1586, [...]
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Bike tour della Costa do Descobrimento (258 km) - Bahia

Bike tour  della Costa do Descobrimento (258 km) – Bahia (Caravelas/Cumuruxatiba/Corumbau/Monte Pascoal/Caraiva/Praia do Espelho/Trancoso) PRESENTAZIONE A distanza di più di 500 anni la  Costa do Descobrimento, che va da Prado a Santa Cruz Cabralia, continua a presentarsi agli occhi di chi la visita come un vero paradiso terrestre così come la descrissero i [...]
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Experience Travel Minas Gerais
on 22.04.2011
Brazilian architecture
on 04.01.2011
Viaggi di Architettura in Brasile a Pasqua con Cultour
on 28.12.2010

Our travellers' emotions

La nostra prima esperienza in Brasile

“Fine estate 2010. Tempo di decidere la meta del prossimo viaggio estivo. Dove andare? Brasile! E’ un po’ che ci pensiamo: ottima occasione per visitare finalmente l’Amazzonia e conoscere questo paese che tanto fascino suscita nell’immaginario collettivo con i suoi colori, le sue spiagge e la musicalità che lo contraddistingue. A [...]”

Vita (Locorotondo)

“My trip begins with Mangue Seco.  Here time stopped, here the emotion exploded, here I took a weight off my heart and found myself. I thank your collaborators, with them I got to know Bahian culture.  The history, the traditions, the smiles, the beer, the ocean and also the rain that accompanied us on this trip…and [...]”

Mirko (London)

“Dear Marco:  I have always dreamed of going to Brazil, fascinated by its colors, its music, and the value of its people.  Busy as always in the incessant continuity of daily life, I had preferred other destinations to my “dream,” lack of time was my justification.  Finally I managed to find the time to live [...]”