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“Nowhere else in the world sensuality, orality, happiness and inclusion exist in such a flaming sythesis. Brazilians live sensually with intense serenity. I see “orality” as the openess to express one’s feelings, it is to speak about them. As for inclusion I understand it as the willingness to welcome the other, by living together in harmony, sincretically, with all races in the world and Gods from heaven. Each of these things get even lighter thanks to the perennial welcoming attitude and natural happiness, expressed through the body, the musicality and the dance.” Domenico De Masi

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Amazon Mamirauà Reserve

1st day: Manaus Arrival in Manaus (indigenous name that means Mother of God) considered the main entrance to the largest ecological reserve on the planet:  the Amazon.  Welcome at the airport and private transfer to the Hotel Tropical. Free day. 2nd day: Manaus Depart from the hotel and head to the Manaus port [...]
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Bahia life - Reconcavo Experience - Slow travel

TRIP PROGRAM (Salvador, All Saints Bay, Iguape Bay, Cachoeira, Saint Antony Farm Hotel) 1st day – Sunday – Salvador Airport of Salvador Luis Eduardo Magalhães. Reception by our guide and transfer to Pestana Hotel Convento do Carmo, the first luxury historic hotel. The old convent of Carmelites, located in Ladeira do Carmo, Pelourinho, It was built in 1586, [...]
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(Italiano) Storia, cultura ed incanti del nord est

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Experience Travel Minas Gerais
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Brazilian architecture
on 04.01.2011
Viaggi di Architettura in Brasile a Pasqua con Cultour
on 28.12.2010

Our travellers' emotions

Elisa (Ancona)

“It’s hard to find the right words to describe all the emotions lived, the amazing images of life, the looks, the colors and flavors, that I would like to be able to remember, the smells of each place, the sensations experienced and the reflections done. Many of these situations were experienced together and I believe words [...]”

Michele (Milano)

“Brazil for me was distant, uncertain and inconsistent.  Now it is a land of men, of women, and of life.  Where among sounds and happiness, smiles and sensual looks of Bahian women, I can begin to find the certainty of a journey.  It is a Brazil of meeting new friends, just like the ones I [...]”

Marco, Ivana, Fabio e Roberta (Milano)

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