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“Nowhere else in the world sensuality, orality, happiness and inclusion exist in such a flaming sythesis. Brazilians live sensually with intense serenity. I see “orality” as the openess to express one’s feelings, it is to speak about them. As for inclusion I understand it as the willingness to welcome the other, by living together in harmony, sincretically, with all races in the world and Gods from heaven. Each of these things get even lighter thanks to the perennial welcoming attitude and natural happiness, expressed through the body, the musicality and the dance.” Domenico De Masi

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The old way of the gold of the Estrada Real

1st day – Italy/Belo Horizonte/Ouro Preto Arrival at the COFINS airport in Belo Horizonte, welcome and transfer to Ouro Preto.  Lodging at the Pousada Arcanjo.  Breifing with a presentation of the trips program.  Free day. 2nd day – Ouro Preto Breakfast.  Tour of the city with the theme “A Vila Rica,” during which we will follow the history [...]
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Rio de Janeiro per terra e per mare

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Brazilian architecture

DAY 1 – SÃO PAULO Friday, April 22 Arrival in São Paulo. Transfer with guide to Hotel Tivoli. Presentation of program and welcome drink (not included) with some local architects at Hotel Unique (Ruy Ohtake, 1995). The hotel is one of the most interesting creations of this Brazilian architect because of its unique shape, which is reminiscent [...]
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(Italiano) Sorpasso Brasile, costo della vita più alto che negli Usa
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Experience Travel Minas Gerais
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Brazilian architecture
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Viaggi di Architettura in Brasile a Pasqua con Cultour
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(Italiano) Un paese che canta, balla, ride e ti accoglie con calore e semplicità in un'atmosfera magica.

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Chiara (Rio de Janeiro)

“ Salvador – Africa in exile I chose Bahia because I wanted Africa.  I was thirsty for vivid colors, strong contrasts, sinuous bodies and music, lots of music. I had to get free of the gray of a long winter, forget a past that followed me like a bad smell and find a nest to smooth my feathers [...]”

Mummy Salvador

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